Friday, October 21, 2016

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon October 2016

I am so excited that this weekend is the Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon. It is such a fun event. It goes from 8 am Saturday to 8 am Sunday in my time zone. It is a time to read books, relax, chat with other book lovers and try to stay up 24 hours to read. I did it for the first time earlier this year and it was so fun! I wasn't able to stay up for 24 hours but it is always fun to attempt. There is no pressure to read a certain amount of books and not a lot of rules to follow. 2016 has been a rough year so I am looking forward to a reading weekend!

This is my stack of possible books to read. Obviously I won't read all of them. But what I learned from the first readathon is that it was nice to have books to dip in and out on.

I will be updating this blog post a few times during the readathoon. I always try to spend a little time online so I will be updating Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads as well. Now I am off to buy snacks!

10 am

Wel I didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked last night so I am doubting I will be able to make the whole 24 hours. But I popped out of bed excited to get started on reading. I began with an audiobook while getting ready for the day, Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor. I didn't really like the second book in this trilogy but I decided I wanted to find out what happened. Hopefully this one is better than the second. Then I made cinnamon rolls (from a can:-) for breakfast and started Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon while waiting for them to cook. I have been waiting to read this book for months. It is not a disappointment. It is funny, entraining and touching. However, I don't see any way around it being a heartbreaker.

Hours Spent Reading: 2
Total Pages read: 168
Total Audiobook time: 40 min
Books finished: 0

1:30 pm

Everything Everything ended up being terrific. I definitely gasped out loud near the end. I was NOT expecting that. I highly recommend you read it. I can't wait to read Nicola Yoon's new book when it comes out.
My second read of the day was Shockaholic by Carrie Fisher. It was a hilarious book with also some pretty sad moments. It was only about a 150 pages so it was a quick read. My head is feeling a little fuzzy so before I start my next read I think I will go for a walk while listening to my audiobook.

Hours Spent Reading: 5.5
Total Pages read: 468
Total Audiobook time: 1 hr 6 min
Books finished: 2

4:30 pm
I enjoyed a beautiful walk while listening to Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor. It is a gorgeous fall day here. A little chilly but warmed up throughout the afternoon. I love fall but hate that winter is on the way. 

I enjoyed a yummy pizza for lunch. And then sat on the front porch to read my third book, A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro. I love this modern take on the Holmes/Watson story. I am really enjoying the characters and the story. I am developing a little bit of a headache and if this advil doesn't work I may have to take a nap to get rid of it.

Total Hours Spent Reading: 8.5
Total Pages read: 624
Total Audiobook time: 2 hr 20 min
Books finished: 2

9:30 pm
Wow I can't believe I am halfway there and I am still reading. That seems like a win to me. It took me quite a long time to finish A Study In Charlotte. I absolutely loved it. I loved the characters of Holmes and Watson. I am looking forward to reading more of their stories. I dug into my snack stash for some yummy candy corn which means it really is fall!

I started lagging a little so I decided I needed caffeine in order to make it through the evening. I rarely drink caffeine and never after one so this should keep me pretty hyper at least for awhile.

I started my fourth book Fortune's Bride by Jane Peart. This is a reread. I love the Brides of Montclair series. I have been reading them since I was about 12 years old. I started my reread a few months ago and this is the third book in the series. I loved these generational series as a young girl where it followed one family through many different generations and times. I broke into some more snacks after realizing I forgot to eat dinner.

Hours Spent Reading: 13.5
Total Pages read: 891
Total Audiobook time: 3 hr 22 min
Books finished: 3

1:00 am
Well I am getting a little sleepy. I may have to nap soon. I am reading in bed now and that's not the best place to stay awake. My husband is at a work event though and I probably won't be able to sleep until he gets home.
So I have pretty much been reading or listening to an audiobook since 8 am except for popping in on social media and writing blog. It's a lot! I am glad I had the audiobook so I can get up and move around. Ironically I have more Fitbit steps today than I have had the whole week.
I finally had one of my cats come snuggle with me after being snubbed by them all day. They can't resist the red blanket! I think Trixie knows how pretty her light fur looks against it. I finished Fortune's Bride after forgetting how annoying the heroine was.

I bought some special pastries at Publix yesterday: fall petit fours and a mini cannoli. They were quite delicious and gave me a wonderful sugar buzz. And they are so pretty too!

I just started my fourth (fifth if I count audiobook that I haven't finished) book of the day: Heaven to Betsy by Maud Hart Lovelace. I read the Betsy high school books every fall so I thought Readathon was the perfect time to start. I took a nice relaxing bath hoping that would wake me a little. It did not. Just made me sleepy but I am going to try to stick with it at least another hour before I try to nap.

Hours Spent Reading: 17
Total Pages read: 1104
Total Audiobook time: 3 hr 42 min
Books finished: 4


Friday, August 19, 2016

Bout Of Books August 2016

Wow I can't believe it's almost time for the next Bout of Books.

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 22nd and runs through Sunday, August 28th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 17 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. - From the Bout of Books team

OF COURSE it will be a super busy week and I have more scheduled than I have in the last few months. But that seems to be the way most readathons go for me. I still went to the library and got a pile of books plus I will be trying to read some of my ebook TBR and audiobooks while driving around. I will be updating this post all during Bout of Books so stay tuned here and to my Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Well as expected I didn't have that much time to do anything but listen to audiobooks today. I had an awesome newborn session this morning. I love cuddling new babies! I was in the car for a few hours so I took the time to listen to The Hunger Games audiobook. I love The Hunger Games books so much and it is such a different experience to listen to the audiobook than read the book. I am really enjoying it. I have a lot of photo editing to do tomorrow so it is quite possible that I will finish the audiobook. 
I am also listening to the audiobook of Missoula: Rape and the Justice System In A College Town. This one is rough to listen to. It is enraging, devastating and heartbreaking. I can only listen to it in small pieces. It is such an important subject. I love Jon Krakauer's writing. All his books are fascinating. 
I started Insatiable by Meg Cabot. I love the modern day twist on a vampire story. I didn't get that far in it as I could barely keep my eyes open but I am really looking forward to reading more of it tomorrow. I didn't even take any photos of my books today which is quite surprising but I will try to be better on Instagram tomorrow. 

Day One Numbers 
Pages read: 183
Audiobooks Time: 5 hours 45 mins
Books finished: None

Tuesday-- This was a much better reading day since my photo session today was only about 25 minutes. I had lots of editing/audiobook time and I even finished a few books. I didn't finish either of my audiobooks but I am nearing the end on both. 

I finished up Insatiable. It ended up being a pretty fun read if the author meant it to be a cheesy vampire party. If she didn't well not so good. 

I also started and finished My Folks Don't Want Me To Talk About Slavery. It is collection of twenty one oral histories from the Slave Narrative papers. People went around in the late 1930's gathering all these stories and commentary on slavery: how they were treated, what they ate, were they educated etc. I think this is a must read. Their voices were silenced most of their lives and it's important to hear what they have to say. I plan on looking for more books written about these first person narratives. 

In honor of the Olympics being over I started reading You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott. Ahh it is SO good. I could barely put it down and go to bed. I have heard so many great things about her books and now I want to read them all.
I have to take my MIL to the dr tomorrow an hour away so I have downloaded another Jon Krakauer book for us to listen to in the car. 

Day Two Numbers 
Pages read: 445
Audiobooks Time: 5 hours 47 mins
Books finished: 2

Well today was a busy day with lots of editing. And a simple 10 minute doctors appointment turned out to be a nightmare of traffic and storms and five hours away from the house. I finished The Hunger Games audiobook and You Will Know Me. I started The Great American Whatever and The Invisible Intruder. I am pretty irritated tonight so I will talk more about these books tomorrow. 

Day Three Numbers 
Pages read: 388
Audiobooks Time: 5 hours 23 mins
Books finished: 2

Thursday-- Well this was a much better actual book reading day although I didn't feel very good. I am afraid I am getting sick. 
I finally finished the Missoula audiobook that I have been listening to for a few months. It was a tough one to get through. It's a very difficult subject matter and very enraging. But I definitely recommend reading it. It should be required reading for boys and girls in high school.
I also am listening to Under the Banner of Heaven. I downloaded this for our  trip to the dr yesterday. It is a book about Mormon fundamentalists. It is another very hard subject matter. 
I finished The Invisible Intruder, the 46th Nancy Drew book. I love the Nancy Drew books so much. I have a huge collection of Nancy Drew books and companion books.

They are some of the first books I remember reading. My mom had all the blue covered books. She threw them away one day for some reason and I will never get over it. Sadly I just have the new yellow ones. It is interesting to read these books and even though they have been updated from the original books they still are old fashioned. And poor Bess gets fat shamed all the time. I enjoy the three or four older books I have because they have the illustrations inside the front cover from all the books. It just brings me right back to childhood! 

I also finished The Great American Whatever. I really loved this book! The breezy style Tim Federle writes with is great even with the sad subject matter. I would say this isn't so much a love story as a story of grief and acceptance. I love all the quips and jokes. I enjoyed being in Quinn's head. 

I started listening to Catching Fire, the next Hunger Games book. This is my favorite of all the Hunger Games books. I love it so much. I am just really enjoying listening to these. It's a different experience. 

I started and finished the 19th Agatha Raisin book, A Spoonful of Poison. I love these cozy mysteries and I love Agatha. She is so unpleasant and foolish about men but she always solves the case! The books always make me laugh. I have really been enjoying the books since she started the detective agency. 

I started See Me, the newest Nicolas Sparks book. I won it in a Goodreads giveaway so I figured I would read it now. I feel bad when I win a book and don't read and review it right away. I have a love/hate relationship with Nicolas Sparks. A lot of his books are too formulaic. However I don't mind formulaic (see Nancy Drew and Agatha Raisin above ha ha). I am having a hard time getting into this one though. I also ate about a pound of Twizzlers while reading it. Not a good idea when I already don't feel good. 

Tomorrow I plan on finishing editing my last photo session, listening to the new Butch Walker album and hopefully getting some reading in. 

Day Four Numbers 
Pages read: 695
Audiobooks Time: 3 hours 19 mins
Books finished: 4

Friday-- It was a fairly good reading day even though I also was busy with work and cleaning. I stayed up late since it was Friday. 
I finished See Me and it ended up being pretty good near the end. But there were just so many annoying characters and it was too long and rambly. I felt like the character development was terrible. Lily was a horrible cliche of a Southern woman which is ridiculous because Nicolas Sparks is from the South and knows better. But Lily and Serena seemed to share too many characteristics. And I just didn't buy the romance between Colin and Maria. I thought a real woman would have been SO annoyed by his saying okay all the time. Nope not cute. I hated how her family had to be told about his past and Colin have that dramatic talk with her father. My parents would never have a say in who I dated at 28. Ridiculous! Anyway I am just glad he has gone away from one of the main characters always dying at the end. That was getting pretty predictable. 

I also started and finished the next Agatha Raisin book There Goes the Bride in which James Lacey's young bride to be is shot to death on their wedding day. Oh James you and Agatha belong together because you are idiots about the people you date. Ha ha. The only sad thing about this book is that I don't have the next one.
I finally started Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I can't wait to read this one as I have heard so many good things about it. And I love following Tahereh's travels and photography on Twitter and Instagram. She wears amazing outfits. And she and Ransom Riggs are #relationshipgoals. Am I too old to say that?
My goals for tomorrow and Sunday are to read as much as I can while enjoying it and hopefully do something fun along the way as summer is winding down.

Day Five Numbers 
Pages read: 655
Audiobooks Time: 3 hours 1 min
Books finished: 2

Saturday-- Today was a pretty leisurely day. I did work a little and then enjoyed dinner and spending time with my husband so didn't get as much reading in as I did the last two days but it was a good day.
I am still listening to and really enjoying Catching Fire. I forgot how much of the book was set before the Quarter Quell even started. 
I am still reading Shatter Me. I am liking the characters but I am fascinated with this world and hope to hear more about it before the book is over.
I started and finished another Meg Cabot book Nicola and the Viscount, a Regency romance and it was funny and very entertaining. I also started the Overbite, the sequel to Insatiable, but I am having a hard time getting into it.

Tomorrow is the final Bout of Books day and I probably won't read as much as I have been because I have some work to do. We shall see. Oh and I also noticed today on Goodreads that I met my book reading goal for the year! I didn't know I would meet it so early. I may have to change the goal to the amount of books I read last year. 

Day Six Numbers 
Pages read: 466
Audiobooks Time: 3 hours 11 min
Books finished: 1

Sunday-- I got some good photo editing in today and also watched a movie with my husband but still was able to do a good amount of reading on the final Bout of Books day.
I finished the Catching Fire audiobook and listened to a few more chapters of Under the Banner of Heaven. I finished Shatter Me and started and finished Ramona the Brave. I just can't help but marvel at how perfectly Beverly Cleary captures the emotions and feelings of being a child.
I will do a wrap up post tomorrow.

Day Seven Numbers 
Pages read: 471
Audiobooks Time: 4 hours 9 min
Books finished: 2

Wrap Up & Totals
Well Bout of Books 17 has come to an end. I really enjoyed taking the time all week to just enjoy books. I didn't watch any tv or listen to any podcasts. Even though I did miss my podcasts I did enjoy time away from the TV. It was a busy week but I definitely read way more than I thought I would. I read many hours of audiobooks while working and driving and that definitely helped me read more. I am already looking forward to the next Bout of Book in January!

Pages read: 3,303
Audiobooks Time: 30 hours 35 min
Books finished: 13


24 in 48 Readathon

This was the first year I have done the 24 in 48 Readathon. The reason why I never did it before was because I thought it was 24 books read in 48 hours. Ha ha. Anyway the Readathon was July 24 & 25th. It was a really busy weekend for me of course. The weekend before and after I had nothing to do but that weekend was busy with photo shoots, movies with friends, plus Stranger Things 😃

I ended up reading 19 hours which was way more than I thought I would be able to when I signed up. I listened to 8 hours 24 minutes of audiobook and read 945 pages. I finished six books: The Walls Around Us, Unbreakable, The Mystery of 99 Steps, Champion, The Clue in the Crossword Ciper and Open Road Summer.

I had fun participating in this Readathon and will definitely do the next one. You can see photos I posted during the Readathon on my Instagram account

Monday, May 9, 2016

Bout of Books 16

The Bout of Books Read-a-thon sounds like a really good read-a-thon!

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, May 9th and runs through Sunday, May 15th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 16 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. - From the Bout of Books team

It sounds like it is a fun and casual read-a-thon so I thought I would participate although this week and weekend is busier than usual. I always can make time for reading! I will update this post with all the books I am reading so check back in throughout the week! I will also be updating at Twitter and Instagram.


Books Read: 1

Pages Read: 328

Notes: I finished Salt to the Sea. I also am switching off on listening to the Jane Eyre audiobook and reading the book depending on what I am doing.


Books Read 0

Pages Read: 293

Notes: I finished about 75% of The Guest Room. It is such a great book and I can't wait to finish it tomorrow. I also read a little more of Jane Eyre.


Books Read: 3

Pages Read: 729

Notes: I finished The Guest Room and started and finished Kissing Christmas Goodbye and Marcy Catches Up. I started Criminal That I Am and kept reading Jane Eyre. The Guest Room was very good and Criminal That I am is a fascinating memoir. Kissing Christmas Goodbye is an Agatha Raisin book that had a Christmas celebration in the last ten pages so they slapped a Christmas name and cover on it. Marcy Catches Up was the second installment of a 1950s YA series I have been reading.


Books Read: 2

Pages Read: 466

Notes: I finished Criminal That I Am, started and finished The Good Girl. I read more of Jane Eyre, or rather listened, while I ran errands. And I started The Dream Thieves.


Books Read: 0

Pages Read: 195

Notes: I didn't get much reading in today as it was a busy work day.


Books Read: 1

Pages Read: 157

Notes:I didn't get much reading in as I was working but I did finish the 3rd Marcy Rhodes book and read more of The Dream Thieves.


Books Read: 0

Pages Read: 86

Notes:Another bad reading day since I had a photo session and then hung out with my sister afterwards.

Bout of Books Totals:

Total Books Read: 7

Total Pages Read: 2,254

Friday, April 22, 2016

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon

I am doing a new thing this weekend and participating in a 24 hour Readathon. Let me start off by saying there is a 60% chance I will actually participate for all 24 hours. I will probably not be able to stay up all night but I am going to try to do as much as I can. I have a big pile of books to dip in and out of all day, snacks and comfy clothes so I plan to enjoy a weekend of reading.

This was my possible stack yesterday:

This is my possible stack today:

So clearly I have a problem with way too many books. I will be shocked if I even finish one book. I have already started Stars Above and Eligible because I couldn't wait!

I am planning on posting updates on Twitter, Instagram and occasionally doing an update here. I am excited to see how this goes. Good luck to everyone else participating! Check back tomorrow for more.

9:00 am
Well the first hour of the Readathon is in the books (pun intended).
I had a pretty rough night of sleep so naps will definitely be in order today.

I started out this morning with a berry and kale smoothie. It is an absolutely delicious concoction with a hint of basil. Sadly, I forget to get bananas so that was missing from the smoothie. I am finishing up Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld this morning and while making my breakfast was listening to Stars Above on audiobook. I love the Overdrive app so that I can check out audiobooks from the library.

This is where I will be reading today. This is my favorite reading corner. I plan to switch it up throughout the day but this will probably be my primary spot. It's full of light and the chair is so comfortable.

I hope everyone else is having a great start to Readathon! I can't wait to check in on social media later today.

Opening Meme
1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? Atlanta, Georgia
2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? Jane Steele!
3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? Cheese and chocolate!
4) Tell us a little something about yourself!I love reading obviously, am a photographer and have four sisters who are my absolute best friends.
5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to? This is my first Readathon and I am most looking forward to reading lots and interacting with other people who love reading as much as I do.

Top 5 Bookish Childhood moments:
1. Discovering Maud Hart Lovelace by reading Betsy's Wedding which is the LAST book in the Betsy-Tacy series. I fell in love with Betsy and her world instantly. I was obsessed with weddings at the time and I picked it up at the library because of the 1914 bride on the cover. (spoiler alert I am now a wedding photographer :-) To this day Maud Hart Lovelace is my favorite author.
2. The best thing about being a kid was going to the library and my sisters and I would get giant stacks of books. Our librarians loved us and knew we would finish the books in two weeks and be back for more. I still get joy from going to the same library and seeing books I read as a child.
3. The times I bought books with my own money. I really didn't get to buy books that often but I remember every time. I still have most of those books. I remember saving up and buying all the Anne of Green Gables books one at a time. I also remember buying the Margo books through a mail order catalog and the thrill of opening that box full of shiny, new books.
4. Every day at lunch my mom, four sisters and I would sit around our big farm house style table and read while eating.
5. I remember getting in trouble and having my books taken away as punishment.

1:00 pm
Just checking in! I have been trying to stay off social media because I have found it is too distracting. I was going to check in every few hours but I think I will limit it more.
I finished Elgible and it was absolutely hilarious. I really enjoyed it. My next read of the day is Wedding in the Family by Rosamund Du Jardin. I also broke into my first snacks of the day! I thought I should start with the healthy snacks ha ha. 

Rosamund Du Jardin wrote books in the 1950s and they are absolutely delightful young adult books. They are funny and charming. I am also taking a few breaks and listening to Stars Above on audio to give my eyes a little break. I am enjoying all the stories about the characters before the Lunar Chronicles begin. I made a very unhealthy, but delicious, pepperoni pizza for lunch which I kindly shared with my husband. Now back to reading!

4:00 pm
I finished Wedding in the Family. I really enjoyed Tobey finally marrying Brose and am interested to read more of her sister Midge's stories. The next book I started is The Perfect Paragon, an Agatha Raisin book. I also whipped up a batch of delicious salted caramel brownies. 
I only have three stories left to listen to in Stars Above and then I will start listening to Jane Eyre on audiobook. My eyes were starting to get a little tired so I headed outside with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novel. It's nice to have a location change. I am starting to think I got too many snacks and won't even be able to eat them all. Perish the thought.
8:30 pm
Well I attempted to take a nap around four but it didn't really work out. So I took a relaxing walk around my neighborhood while listening to Stars Above. It is an absolutely gorgeous evening. 
I finally reached the stories in Stars Above that occur after Winter and I love catching up with where my favorite characters have ended up. I also am loving my Agatha Raisin book. Sometimes I just am in the mood for those formulaic books that are almost always the same with just a few details changed. Agatha Raisin is so predictable but those books always make me laugh. I love all the new characters now that she is running a detective agency. I switched to reading in my sunroom to give myself a change of scenery. My dog is not happy with how much I am reading and not paying him attention. 

I have decided to forgo dinner and just eat all my snacks that I planned on munching on throughout the day. But I really haven't been that hungry. I will now have to chug water the rest of the night because I just ate so much salt. But it was delicious. 
12:30 pm
Well I made it past midnight. I don't even know what hour I am on because math is too hard right now. I have informed my husband he is not to wake me up tomorrow upon pain of death. I have finished four books and one graphic novel so far. I am one chapter away from finishing my audiobook, Stars Above. I had a Coke around 6 and it's definitely giving me bursts of energy as I am so not used to caffeine anymore. 

I started and finished On The Way Home which is the diary of the trip Laura Ingalls Wilder made from DeSmet to her final hometown in Missouri. It was a really quick read and I enjoyed it with all the LIW books I have been reading lately. I found it so interesting how she described the field conditions and prices of land. That was important information to them and it's so cool to read details like that in 2016.

I am definitely starting to lag a little so it's time for some chocolate and to read a Ramona book. I probably am going to try to nap for a few hours and then continue. I really don't want to go to sleep and then just wake back up at six or seven. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the night (morning?) will go! 

2:30 pm
I finished Stars Above. I liked the collection of stories. Not a lot of new information but still enjoyable. Ramona and Her Father is a Newbery Award winner and reading it as an adult was different. It was a surprisingly serious book with Ramona's father losing his job and her trying to get him to stop smoking. My poor eyes are a little tired so I listened to my Jane Eyre audiobook for awhile. I just started The Geography of You and Me by Jennnifer E. Smith. I am thinking I might nap for a couple of hours. I do have all day to sleep tomorrow if need be but I feel like I will enjoy this readathon more if I am reading because I want to and not just to stay awake all 24 hours! 

6 am 
I took a nap for a couple of hours and have been listening to the Jane Eyre audiobook since I woke up. It is a Librivox audiobook. If you don't know what Librivox is they are an organization that uses volunteer readers to record public domain audiobooks. I love being able to listen to hours and hours of classic audiobooks. Of course these are not professional readers so sometimes you can get terrible readers. But it really is just a wonderful organization and if I had a better voice I would love to be a reader. I thought I would listen to Jane Eyre before I read Jane Steele. Ok back to reading for the next two hours! I will check back in when it's over.

Wrap Up!

After getting a few hours sleep this morning I am ready to do my Dewey's 24 Hour Marathon Wrap Up!

Books Completed:

1. Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld
2. The Perfect Paragon by M.C. Beaton
3. Wedding in the Family by Rosamund Du Jardin 
4.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Graphic novel) Twilight by Brad Meltzer 
5. On the Way Home by Laura Ingalls Wilder
6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (graphic novel) The Gleaming by Joss Whedon

Currently Reading:

1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
2. The Geography of Me and You by Jennifer E. Smith

Reading Time: Approx. 21 hours. I took a much needed nap from 2:50 am-5:15 am.

Page Count: 1295

Audiobook Time: 8 hours

This was my first Readathon and I absolutely loved it! I made sure to pick a lot of short reads and audiobooks so that I would not get burned out by one book. I did much better than I thought I would do. I honestly thought I would fall asleep most of the night so I am happy that I stayed up for almost all of the readathon. I tried not to check in on social media too much. I ended up going to the Facebook group only once because there were so many posts but tried to check into Twitter every few hours. I only ended up entering a few of the mini challenges because at the end I just wanted to read. Thanks to everyone who cheered for me on Twitter. It was a great event and props to the organizers and hosts. I am looking forward to the October event and hoping to get my sisters involved. What was your favorite part of the readathon and what was one must read book you read? Answer in the comments below! My favorite part was the books and food and my must read book is Elgible. I hope everyone gets lots of rest today!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Reading Year..So Far

Well it certainly was a cold winter and spring is taking its sweet time getting here. Which means I have been reading a lot. So far this year I have read 50 books. I am 33% towards my Goodreads goal of 150 books read in 2016. I have read some good books and also some not so good books. I have read a lot of four star books this year which makes me happy. My favorite books of the year so far have been Illuminae by Amie Kaufman, The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Hamer, Here's My Heart: A Legacy and Love and War by Leigh W. Callan, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, and the Legend series by Marie Lu.

I have also been excited to discover author Rosamund Du Jardin. She wrote young adult novels in the 1950s. They are just delightful. They remind me of Beverly Cleary's books for older kids or a later Maud Hart Lovelace. They are just simple, happy books. I wish I could have read these when I was younger. I am still working through all her books the library has.

I have also been on a Laura Ingalls Wilder kick after finally reading Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography. I adored Pioneer Girl. It was absolutely amazing for a LIW enthusiast. There were pages and pages of anointed notes. My nerd heart sang for joy. I am in the middle of The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder by William Anderson. I love how the letters give a peek inside Laura's writing process. I read a fictionalized account of Rose Wilder Lane, A Wilder Rose by Susan Witting Albert. I also have two more books West From Home and On the Way Home, which are letters and diaries from Laura's trips. I can't wait to read those!

Yesterday was Beverly Cleary's 100th birthday! How amazing is that! I love, love all of her books. The Ramona books were some of my favorites as a kid. I always felt I had so much in common with her. I also loved Dear. Mr. Henshaw and Ellen Tibbetts. But Fifteen is my favorite book of hers. I just love Jane Purdy and I appreciate how confident she becomes by the end of the book and doesn't care if people make fun of the flowers she is carrying. Yesterday I decided to read the first two Ramona books again. And wow they really hold up. They are delightful!

As far as book challenges this year I cut way down. The only one I am really participating in is Read Your Own Damn Books. I have such high TBR pile (and two bookcases). Hopefully this challenge will help me clear some of them out and stop me from buying more books.  I am putting myself on book buying hold. I can only read books I already have or library books. So far I have read 17 books that qualify for this challenge. I also am still doing the Century in Books challenge. I am also going to participate in the Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon. I won't do all 24 hours because I have an MS Walk that morning but I will try to participate as much as possible. I just put a bunch of books on hold at the library so I will have a big pile and variety to choose from.

So that's what's going on here in my reading adventure. What has your reading year looked like so far? What is the best book you have read this year?

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Big Game's On Read-a-thon

I used to have to watch the Super Bowl for school, analyze and pick it apart. When I graduated I didn't really have the desire to watch it anymore. Football has never been my game. Baseball is my passion and always will be. And don't even get me started on the (mostly sexist) commercials. So today instead of checking out the big game I will be participating in Jenn's Bookshelves the Big Game's On Read-a-thon. I am not pre picking books to read or setting a goal. I just plan to enjoy some books from my (large) TBR pile. I am starting to read this morning so I will keep checking in throughout the day. Happy reading everybody!

10 am
The two books I am starting off with today are See How They Run by Ally Carter and Rosemary The Hidden Kennedy Daughter by Kate Clifford Lawson. See How They Run is the second book in Carter's Embassy Row series. I always enjoy her YA books. She gives a lot of depth to her characters and I love the teennage spy/international intrigue/secret society elements in this series. I have always been fascinated with the Kennedy family and always saddened by the way Rosemary was treated so I definitely wanted to read Rosemary when I heard it was coming out. I am listening to that one on Audible while doing things around the house and cooking. I am planning to make some delicious chicken noodle soup for me and my mother in law to eat while my husband goes to his super bowl party.

11:30 am
I finished See How They Run which ended on a cliffhanger. I need to remember to stop reading her books until the next one is out! The next book I am reading is A Wilder Rose by Susan Witting Albert. It is a fictionalized account of Rose Wilder Lane's life but based off of her letters and diaries. I love all things Laura Ingalls Wilder (except the awful tv show) so I have been so excited to read this book. It also made me realize I still haven't read Pioneer Girl the annotated bibliography of Laura Ingalls Wilder so I went and grabbed it from Amazon with my birthday gift card. Thanks to Amazon Prime I will have it Tuesday. I am really excited. Ok going to settle I with A Wilder Rose and a cup of lavender chamomile tea!

7:00 pm
I just finished eating dinner and I am stuffed. It took me a couple of hours to make the soup but it was worth it in the end. It was delicious. I added too many noodles but I still enjoyed it. 
I am halfway done with A Wilder Rose. Currently I am reading about her time during the Great Depression. It is very sobering to read about how difficult it was with so many people losing their money, homes, jobs and a lot of people not even having food. The book says that the Little House books may never have been published if it wasn't for the Depression because Rose actually had time to write them since she wasn't getting that much work. I also found it interesting how much she seems to hate Roosevelt and all his programs. There is so much good stuff in this book as far as history goes. I also am interested in the relationship between Laura and Rose. The book is mainly based on the fact that some people think that Rose is the actual author of all the Little House books using only her mothers bare boned outlines. I have heard this before and have never known if it is fact or rumor. As soon as I finish this book I am going to investigate!
I listened to the Rosemary Kennedy book the whole time I was making the soup and it is just tragic. I like the way Kate Clifford Lawson talks about the way people with disabilities and mental illness were perceived at the time. I had no idea moron and idiot were used to categorize people and were medical terms. And interesting to hear how Joe Kennedy Sr. and Jr. initially thought Hitler's ideas were good. 

10:50 pm
I just finished A Wilder Rose. It was such a good book. If you aren't a huge Little House fan you probably won't enjoy it as much as I did.  But I loved it. The book seemed well researched with just a light dramatization. There is so much more to this book than the story about Laura and Rose and the writing of the Little House books. I loved the background information and the history and events surrounding the book. 
I am on chapter five of Rosemary. World War II has just started. Interesting how Joe Kennedy was a huge isolationist. It's sad how he put Rosemary's letter in the diplomatic pouch because he didn't want anyone to see how childish she wrote. 
I am starting Legend by Marie Lu as my last book of the night. I have had this one on my TBR list for awhile and I am looking forward to reading it. I love that the first chapter has gold writing. I am not sure if I have ever seen that in a book before. I will add a little wrap up tomorrow.